#nurture1314 update

I originally wrote my #nurture1314 post back in December. Now that we have reached the end of the school year I have looked back at the targets that I had chosen and updated my progress. Some things have gone very well . . . some things still need work (good job there is still a term to go). Overall I am very pleased with how things have gone so far and I’m looking forward to being able to tick off some of the others by the end of the year. 

1. Marking and feedback

#twittercoaching was brilliant. I spoke with Karen (@KDWScience) once every half term. We spoke about the things that I had tried and what I was going to do next. I tried out lots of different ideas that I’d seen on twitter – exit tickets, #RAG123, #DIRT, code-marking and many more. Students started responding to my feedback and they said that they thought that the exit tickets/DIRT had helped – even though some of them said that they didn’t enjoy it. I will blog about #twittercoaching in more detail separately.

2. Controlled assessment

If they are not marked down by the exam boards then this can be ticked off too. My students worked really hard and some very good pieces of work were produced. I am not sure the SOLO HOTmap helped – some of them found it confusing.

3. RSci

I was awarded RSci just before the end of the summer term 🙂

4. Independence

This is still a work in progress.  I recently attended a training course about using mysteries in lessons and developing independence. There were lots of ideas to try out next term and before the second part of the course in October.

7. Family

Being part-time has been fantastic. I’ve had much more time to do things with my family and it has been lovely to attend sharing assemblies, special lunches and other school events with my boys. I reached the end of the year feeling human rather than being utterly exhausted. I am thankful that next year I’ll be part-time too.

8. Holiday

In just over a week we fly to Iceland. Maybe an unusual choice as a family holiday (our families certainly think so) but the boys are really excited about it all. My eldest said that some kids at school had said that it sounded boring but he’s told them that he’ll be whale watching, visiting volcanos and waterfalls and walking between two tectonic plates. I hope that it lives up to their expectations.

9. Teachmeets

This one was tricky as most teachmeets were on my day off and I was unable to attend because I had to collect my boys from school. I did attend 2 though – SLTeachmeet and #tmpimms. I even managed to present at #tmpimms.

10. Homework

I was better, but there is still room for improvement!

12. Maths

At the end of the year I asked my year 7 class to write letters to my new year 7 class about what maths was like. They were very funny. Nearly all of them included the top tip “If miss gives you a code to crack, the answer is always maths is fun”. They said I was eccentric but that they had enjoyed the lessons and that they thought differently about maths – one of them went as far as to say that she really liked it. I will miss teaching them next year as we have had a lot of fun and they have made a lot of progress. I was lucky to work with a specialist maths TA (especially as I am not a maths teacher). If, at the end of the lesson, she asked me for a copy of the resources, then I knew that I’d done a good job that day. I was really pleased that it happened often.

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3 Responses to #nurture1314 update

  1. Jill Berry says:

    Enjoyed reading this, and well done on all you’ve achieved, such as the RSci. I especially liked “I reached the end of the year feeling human rather than being utterly exhausted” – no mean feat.

    Have an excellent summer break!

  2. aegilopoides says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Enjoy your summer too!

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