Learning grids.

7A learning grid I first read about Learning Grids in ‘Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners’ by Andy Griffith and Mark Burns. I have used this activity with several different groups and for both science and maths. The idea is that each student has a die that they roll and the numbers that they roll determine which square they land on. Students can then discuss how the picture/keyword is related to the topic that they have been studying. To extend the activity I asked students to try and make links between the different squares that they had landed on. If they landed on a square with a question mark on then they had to answer a question about the topic. I used the wonderful quiz cards by Bunny from here http://bunnyphysics.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/quiz-cards.html For KS4 students I have included squares where they are the examiner – they mark questions that other students have answered or come up with an exam style question. The activity worked really well with my Y7 class and I was also pleased to see that when a group was stuck, rather than ask for my help straight away they reached for their exercise book to check their notes or they asked someone in another group. The file has the learning grid that I used. The second slide is an editable version. Learning Grid cells

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