Tarsia puzzles

All of the tarsia puzzles that I have made can be found below. I use these in class, mainly during revision lessons.

KS3 puzzles have been made for the Exploring Science SOW. Only Y7 and Y8 included at the moment.

KS4 puzzles have been made for OCR 21st century science and cover the units that I have taught (mainly Biology). Some Chemistry units (C3, C5 and C6) will be added shortly.

7A Tissues and transplants 7B Sex and science 7C Ecology matters 7D Classified 7E Acids and alkalis 7F Bubbles, bangs and burning 7G What a waste 7H Materials from the Earth 7I Energy and sustainable living 7J Electrical circuits 7K Forces and their effects 7L The Solar system and beyond

8A Food, glorious food. 8B Going for Gold 8C Doctors and diseases 8D The way of the dodo 8E Water 8F Materials and recycling 8G All that glitters 8H Explaining the Earth 8I Heat transfers 8J Forces and transport 8K Light 8L Sound and hearing


Core Science

B1 OCR fdn tarsia B1 OCR HIGHER tarsia b2_tarsia H b2_tarsia_foundation B3 TARSIA H C2 tarsia

Additional Science

B4 TARSIA B5 OCR tarsia B6 OCR tarsia

Further Biology

b7_blood_and_circulation b7_control_systems b7_ecosystems b7_new_technologies b7_skeleton_exercise_and_injury

Additional Applied Science

a1_revision A2 tarsia A4 tarsia biotechnology_1_b3 biotechnology_2_b3

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  1. Drew Burdett says:

    Thanks for leaving these online. Drew

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