A few more than just 3 teachers . . .

This post is inspired by  Michael Tidd’s post Just 3 teachers. I’m thanking more than 3 people – please bear with me.

I have written before about the teachers that inspired me – here – but especially my Biology teacher Mr Ekins who inspired a lifelong love of Biology; Mr Ward my Geography teacher who showed me the kind of teacher that I would like to be and Mr Kelly who never taught me but his kindness towards my family in a time of need  showed me that being a teacher is more than just being in the classroom.

The end of term is always a time for reflection. As I was thinking about the past term and planning for my classes in the New Year, I was struck by the words of the Shelter Christmas advert.

In the advert they talked about how many children would be homeless at Christmas and some of the things that these children may experience because of this. This particular advert hit home because just over 30 years ago I was one of those children. It wasn’t until an assembly a couple of years ago at school that I realised this though – naively I hadn’t put us in that category because we weren’t on the street. My Dad lost his job in the 1980s and when my parents couldn’t pay the mortgage our house was repossessed and we were placed into temporary accommodation. Surprisingly I don’t remember an awful lot about it all. The first night in a strange house with boarded up windows; at some points living with strangers; how cold it was –but not much else.

Why am I writing this? I realise that it’s hugely self-indulgent – but also cathartic. I didn’t tell my friends at the time and it’s not something that I’ve discussed with friends as an adult either. Not out of embarrassment, maybe its fear that once I start talking more of those memories will come back and actually I am quite comfortable for them to be buried.

I’m writing this to say thank you to all the teachers who taught me through that time and beyond.  Not everything about home was awful – I had a loving and supporting family – but the environment itself was not something that I’d like to experience again. Throughout that time school was something that was safe, consistent and familiar. I am not sure if all of my teachers were aware of what was going on outside of school, but I’d like to thank them for keeping things ‘normal’.

Amjad regularly posts this:



For me at that time this was definitely true. Thank you all.

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