Exam Feedback Tool


I’ve always looked through the tests that are completed in class trying to find out whether any questions in particular caused problems for students. When I saw this post by Kristian Still I realised that the Exam Feedback Tool would do most of the hard work for me.

Initially setting up the spreadsheet took some time as I had to enter the detail about the questions, marks available and the list of students. This will save time in the future though as this information is already there.

Seeing the boxes coloured red, yellow and green was quite striking. Our tests are taken at the end of a three unit block. The spreadsheet helped me to identify that many of my students lose most of their marks on the topic that was the first one in the block (middle section on the picture above). Before future tests I’ll make sure that we revisit those early ideas more frequently and make sure that they are looking at the revision notes that they prepare at the end of each unit. It has also helped me to see that the questions with extended writing also require more work – so this is something that I will include more frequently in future lessons.

I have given students the graphic showing them the percentage of available marks that they received per question and this has enabled them to think about what they need to do to improve. The feedback was also really helpful for my recent Y10 parents evening. When parents were asking about what their children could work on I was able to give specific question types or topic areas. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t have been able to do this before but the EFT makes it much easier.

I have used this with all of my KS3 and Ks4 classes now and the response from students has been very positive.



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