#Twitterati challenge

Over the last few days lots of #TwitteratiChallenge posts have popped up in my feed and I have enjoyed reading them. I never expected to see my name mentioned in one, so I was flattered and humbled when @KDWScience named me in hers.

As one of the rules is that you can’t list someone who has already been mentioned I need to get a move on as some of the people that I would have named have already been nominated -including @hrogerson and @KDWScience – both of whom are ‘must follows’ for science teachers and they have both been extremely generous with their advice, encouragement and resources.

In no particular order:


Janet is a Head of Science and incredibly generous with her time, advice and resources. She was one of the tweachers that I turned to for help when I was applying for second in department – she read through my application and helped with possible interview questions and her suggestions were invaluable. As we both teach the same exam specification Janet has also shared many of her resources with me which has saved me a lot of time over the last few years.


Bukky is another science teacher who always has a lot of time for other people. She was another one of the tweachers that I went to for help and her encouragement and comments were much appreciated – she really made me think about what it was that I wanted to do and how I would do it. We have also shared resources with each other and she has lots of great ideas that she is always willing to share. I have enjoyed the ‘chats’ that we have had, even though we have never met in real life.


I also teach maths and as a non-specialist that is sometimes hard work. Jo’s website is brilliant. It’s full of great resources and the blog has really helpful discussions about topics, which means that I have been able to make sure that I am aware of misconceptions and there are plenty of suggestions for ways in which to approach a topic. The homework website here is also brilliant and I have used several of the activities in class or for homework. I am very grateful for all her hard work and her willingness to share with others.


Daria is one of the most creative teachers around and has produced some amazing resources, take a look at her website here.  I am incredibly grateful that she is so willing to share her work – she is an inspiration!


Hayley has shared some fantastic ideas via her blog  and on twitter. I have found her post on effective marking especially helpful and used many of her ideas in my own classroom. Again I am incredibly grateful for the generosity of others.

So to the rules:

@teachertoolkit ‘s rules are: 

  1. You cannot knowingly include someone you work with in real life
  2. You cannot list somebody that has already been named if you are already made aware of them being listed on #TwitteratiChallenge
  3. You will need to copy and paste the title of this blogpost and (the rules and what to do) information into your own blog post

What to do?

  • Within 7 days of being nominated by somebody else, you need to identify colleagues that you rely regularly go-to for support and challenge. They have now been challenged and must act and must act as participants of the #TwitteratiChallenge
  • If you’ve been nominated, please write your own #TwitteratiChallenge blogpost within 7 days. If you do not have your own blog, try @staffrm
  • The educator that is now (newly) nominated, has 7 days to compose their own #TwitteratiChallenge blogpost and identify who their top 5 go-to educators are. However, as I am a rebel, I nominate everyone. You are not the last to be picked in PE again
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